The BluTube™
The BluTube™
The BluTube™
The BluTube™
The BluTube™

The BluTube™

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Lock in your place in history by reserving one today!  You will be put on the list for the first production run in November.   Final payment will be due at that time.  You can choose to back out at anytime.  Final prices will be determined by October.
Introducing the BluTube Family.  The world's first ALL carbon fiber wireless Bluetooth speakers.  It's time to start the party.

 Carbon fiber wallet size  Three Available Diameters: 2" - 4" - 6"
 Carbon Fiber Weave  Weave Options: Twill - Uni - Woven
 Carbon fiber wallet RFID  100 ft Bluetooth Range 
 Real Carbon Fiber  Real Carbon Fiber
 Made in America  Made in America
 Limited Lifetime Warranty  Waterproof Construction
 Carbon Fiber Wallet Cash  Wireless Charging
 Carbon Fiber Wallet Interior Color Options  Multi-unit Syned Play

The BluTube is also useful as a baseball bat, flotation device, bottle opener, drinking game platform, yoga block, and for looking way cooler than you actually are! 

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