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November 09, 2018 2 min read


At Common Fibers we believe in standing out, and that is why we offer a variety of options for customizing your new carbon fiber business cards. In this article we’ll be going over the different options for your recent purchase.

Common Fibers carbon fiber business cards

Unlike standard engravings, our business cards come with screen printing. Screen printing on carbon fiber is the most distinguishable and prominent form of marking. We offer up to four color printing on the front and back of the cards. First color is included in the price of the card, but each color after that is an additional 50¢.

Custom carbon fiber business cards

After the design has been picked out the next step in your personalization would be the carbon itself. We offer a gloss or a matte finish. If you can decide you can always do both, having each side be a different finish. There are no price difference between the finishes.

Carbon fiber business card

If all this wasn’t enough, you can still add some personal flare by choosing a color to be woven into the carbon fiber itself! Check these examples of colored carbon fiber business cards. There are no price chances if you’d like to change colors. Just let us know which color you’d like and we’ll work with you on getting it made.

colored carbon fiber business card

A carbon fiber business card can be a little pricey, and that is why we offer a 25% discount for business cards that have a Common Fibers watermark. The watermark is a small black imprint on the back that says "Card made by Common Fibers".

Custom carbon fiber business cards with Common Fibers watermark

If you love carbon fiber business cards, but need something bigger just lets us know! We can make any shape or size to fit your need. A carbon fiber event pass really lets your VIP ticket holders know their special! For more information on carbon fiber event passes please email us at

carbon fiber event pass