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May 31, 2016 2 min read

Over the last two years customers have asked for different carbon fiber weaves, and we have always done our best to provide!  However, if you aren’t familiar with the differences between them, it can be very difficult to tell them apart, especially with just the pictures on our site.  The intention of this blog is to familiarize everyone with the six weave options currently available so that everyone can order the wallet that is right for them!

Carbon Fiber Weave Options

 The picture above shows five options laid out next to each other (HEX has since been added).  This is great, but carbon fiber has lots of depth and a simple 2D picture rarely does it justice.  To really see the difference between them all it is important to see them in changing light.  The sheen created by this scenario mimics what it is like to pull your wallet out and catch the eye of everyone in the room!  Continue on below to see all of these wallets in action.


The most commonly used (aesthetic) carbon fiber pattern is called twill.  We offer this weave on every product we carry.  Every product with the weave description of “twill” will also have a deep glossy surface finish.  This is created by forming the carbon fiber on a smooth reflective surface.  See the following GIF for how it looks in changing light.

Twill Weave Carbon Fiber Wallet



The matte weave is actually the same twill material as above. However, instead of forming the carbon fiber on a reflective surface, it is formed with the addition of a layer of peel ply.  When this peel ply is removed, all excess resin is removed with it and the surface is left dull.  This leads to a matte finish that provides for a more tactical look and feel. Our matte wallets are in limited production and can only be purchased in the MAX wallet style. 

Matte Weave Carbon Fiber Wallet


Hex, Track, and Wave

Carbon fiber can be woven in many different ways.  The hex, track, and wave patterns are just three examples of these exotic weaves.  All of these weaves come standard with a glossy surface finish. They offer no structural advantages but are created purely for aesthetics.  Although they may not look like classic carbon fiber, they are sure to turn heads.  Hex is available on our MAX wallets, but track and wave are no longer available online.  If you still want one of these weaves, reach out to see if we have any left!

HEX carbon fiber weave


Track Weave Carbon Fiber Wallet 

Wave Weave Carbon Fiber Wallet



The latest addition to our weave family is gold! This weave is actually the same glossy twill as used on our standard wallets with a kick of gold.  The gold effect is created by weaving threads of gold Mylar into the carbon.  Due to the natural properties of Mylar, it is vaporized in the process of creating the hinge.  For this reason, the gold does not show in the portion of the carbon fiber that bends.  Gold carbon is currently available is every product line. 
Gold Carbon Fiber Wallet Weave