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Leather Interior Options

July 22, 2019 1 min read

Leather Interior Options

The votes have been counted and production has begun!  Leather wallets are coming hot off the press as we speak.  All of the leather is genuine and real with the interior of the pockets lined with a thin and durable nylon to keep your wallet nice and slim.  In just two weeks these new wallets will be ready to ship in our brand new packaging. In the meantime, take a look at the genuine leather options and pick out your next wallet! 

Common Fibers Leather Interior Options


 Grey Suede Leather

This is the shop favorite! Whether you are looking to be classy, flashy, or simply dapper, this grey suede leather interior looks and feels amazing.  
Grey Suede Leather Interior Option 

 Tan Suede Leather

Similar to the feel of the previous wallet, this interior looks like it should be on the inside of a $450 designer wallet.  The contrast created by the light tan suede and the dark carbon fiber makes these wallets really "pop."  
  Tan Suede Leather Interior Option

 Black Suede Leather

Although it's not the typical leather you would find in a wallet, the black suede makes for a unique ultra-high end look. 
  Black Suede Leather Interior Option

 Black Waxy Leather

The last leather option is more similar to your classic leather wallet.  The genuine leather is waxed for a glossy look and feel.  You can't go wrong with waxy black leather and carbon fiber for any man.
  Black Waxy Leather Interior Option

 Still pictures are great, but how do they look in action?  Take a look below at all the options!

Grey Suede Leather Interior Option In Use Tan Suede Leather Interior Option In Use
Black Suede Leather Interior Option In Use Black Waxy Leather Interior Option In Use


Thanks for reading!