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April 27, 2020 1 min read

Common Fibers SLD carbon fiber card slider wallet product features

The SLD is a new take on being slim while increasing the amount you carry. At 4.1" x 2.6", and weighing only 2.3oz, the SLD takes advantage of it's unique aluminum card slider which allows compact storage of 7 cards without compromising accessibility. Simply pull down on the bottom tab to simultaneously slide and fan your cards out without opening the wallet. If you're looking to minimize your carry but the SLM is too minimalist for you, this is the next wallet you should be eyeing. Carrying cash on you is no trouble as the open pocket gives you the ability to store folded bills and other items - just a couple bills is fine. Last but not least, the dedicated ID slot gives you easy access to display, insert, and remove your ID at your convenience.


Common Fibers SLD carbon fiber card slider wallet in use