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August 10, 2019 3 min read

Carbon fiber by itself looks amazing, but matching it with just the right color can really make it pop!  Over the last few years we have been adding new interior colors as our customers and supporters have requested them.  As of today, we stock six different base interior options and can produce an infinite number of different variations upon request.  The intent of this blog post is to familiarize you with the products we currently make, and to show you the many other potential products we could make!

Carbon Fiber Wallet Interior Options

 The picture above shows all five of our standard interior options available on the MAX, SLM, BIZ, FIT, and TRI* wallet lines.  In addition, our Seattle edition is visible in the bottom right hand corner.  This illustrates contrast stitching as well as our ability to embroider images within the wallet.  Read on below to learn more about all available options!

Standard Colors: Black, Red, and Blue

By far our most requested and purchased wallet interior is black.  This is certainly understandable as it goes well with everything and is the most similar to your standard leather wallet.  When people step outside of their comfort zone, they tend to steer towards the red and blue options.  As you can see in the GIFs below, these colors make for an awesome combination with the gloss carbon fiber exterior!  These three options are available on all CF products and are always held in stock! The blue is a royal blue and the red is a deep red.

 Black Carbon Fiber Wallet GIF

 Red Carbon Fiber Wallet Interior


 Blue Interior Option

Semi-Standard Colors: Green and Grey

Two other popular colors that also get quite a bit of attention are green and grey.  Although less popular than our standard colors, we still stock these colors for most every product.  Quantities are often lower, so double check to make sure your favorite wallet is available! The green is a forest green and the grey is an army grey.  Check them out in action below:

 Green Carbon Fiber Wallet Interior

Grey Carbon Fiber Wallet Interior


 Limited Editions: Seattle, Gold, and USA

We often get requests for specialty wallets, and are able to make them as one-offs at a higher price.  However, when we start to get a lot of the same requests we tend to offer them as limited editions.  Our current limited edition wallets include the Seattle Edition, Gold Edition, and the 4th of July USA Edition.  When making these limited edition wallets, we pull out all the stops and make very unique wallets.  The Seattle Edition is sewn in Seahawks navy blue with emerald green stitching,  In addition to this we have added a 12th man embroidery.  The Gold Edition has a standard black interior with a metallic gold thread so the stitching perfectly matches the gold exterior.  Our latest USA Edition has the most unique interior that is best described with the GIF below!


Seattle Carbon Fiber Seahawks Wallet Interior

 Gold Carbon Fiber Wallet Interior

 USA Edition Carbon Fiber Wallet Interior

 Contrast Stitching

One of our most common requests is for contrast stitching on the interior of the wallets.  We typically handle these on a case by case basis, but after receiving so many requests, we released a limited number of wallets with contrast stitching.  Check them out here to see all the options we currently have available.  If you don’t see what you want, be sure to get in touch and we can get you a price for a truly one-of-a-kind wallet!  

Carbon Fiber Wallet Contrast Stitching

 Thanks for reading!