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Black Line LMX - Leather Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet

Black Leather, Better Than Ever.

Introducing the Black Line Leather LMX. Featuring stylish and secure angled card pockets, blackened Napa leather, an embossed CF logo,
and of course the world's only continuous carbon fiber hinge. Holds up to 9 cards plus a dedicated bill slot that's deep enough to store a COVID vaccination card without folding the edges. 

Carbon Fiber Wallet
Technical By Design Carbon Fiber Wallet
Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet


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    Nicest carbon fiber bifold you'll find! But...

    I've given myself a few days with this wallet before writing this review and now feel like I've finalized my thoughts on it. I'll first discuss all the things I like about it. The first feature to note is the exterior sheet of carbon fiber, which is glued onto the wallet. The carbon fiber has a glossy finish and looks incredible in person. It feels nice and smooth too, and the stainless steel logo on it does make for a visually pleasing bit of branding. On the inside of the wallet, you can see that everything has been machine stitched and that there is reinforcement in the corners where you would hope to see it, except for the sides of the billfold pocket, oddly. The hidden pockets are able to accomodate keys as well. I think two is probably the most you'll want to put in one, otherwise it'll start to bulk up. The card pockets make taking cards out a breeze: Everything just slides in and out without any issue, and it's easy to grab hold of the cards, which I absolutely love. Finally, regarding the leather itself, "Napa leather" is of course a generic term for any kind of leather treated using a method developed in California and is known for its smoothness, and this sample is no exception. Being top grain leather, you still get imperfections in the hide, which makes the interior visually interesting. It's nice that even the treatment of the leather is American, making this a truly all-American wallet. And it's an incredibly thin one at that, which is all the more impressive, considering this is a bifold. Onto my dislikes now. Even though it can't not be there, the film on the back really does detract from the wallet's looks, as it looks like tape, thereby cheapening the look. I didn't think I'd mind it too much, but I can't help but always notice it. Additionally, the previously noted thinness comes from the fact that this isn't a fully leather bifold: Thin cuts of leather have been sewed onto what I think might be nylon; I assume this is the material which provides the RFID protection, and this is another thing that, in my opinion, cheapens the wallet. Personally, I'd prefer the wallet to be all leather, even if that were to add to the thickness and price and resulted in no RFID protection. Over all, I have to honestly say that my feelings are a tad mixed about this wallet due to the aforementioned factors that give it a cheaper look. As I also said, though, I recognize that these same factors do provide functional benefits. I'd give this wallet a 3.5, but since that's not an option I'll be rounding up, as I'm pleased to have this wallet in my collection and am thrilled that it's the result of exclusively domestic materials and efforts. Personally speaking, however, I can't help but compare it to the full grain, all-leather wallets in my collection. To conclude, if you want a wallet that has both carbon fiber and leather, I'd absolutely recommend this one, so long as you can accept that this isn't a luxury wallet (nor is it advertised as one), but instead a very functional one whose beauty comes from its sleek, high quality carbon fiber exterior.