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March 12, 2021 5 min read

So you’re interested in getting a carbon fiber wallet? You’re not alone. Carbon fiber is becoming one of the most popular wallet materials today, and for good reason. With enhanced strength and versatility, carbon fiber ensures your wallet doesn’t tap out when you need it the most. Whether you’re here because you’re tired of the one-and-done’s, the over-stuffer’s, the rip-through’s, or the same-old-same-old’s, there is a carbon fiber wallet for you. What wallet styles are out there, and how do they compare?

What Is Carbon Fiber Anyway?

Carbon fiber has been called a miracle material and the future of manufacturing and design. It helps build the world’s best airplanes, spaceships, and vehicles. Carbon fiber has superior strength than materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic, is extremely lightweight, has an incredible amount of versatility, and with different weaves and finishes, an irresistible look. What this all means, is when you use carbon fiber, you have products with the highest quality, form, and appeal across every lifestyle.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Wallets

There are numerous advantages of a wallet made with carbon fiber than with other materials. The same properties that make carbon fiber so appealing for aerospace, automotive and sport equipment industries make it so appealing to carry around to protect your cards. Chief among these properties is durability. It doesn’t fatigue as easily under pressure, is incredibly strong, can flex but not break, and withstands extreme temperature ranges from superheated to near absolute zero. It’s an ideal fit for anything that takes a lot of punishment but needs to give – and it goes without saying that wherever you go, your carbon fiber wallet will work as hard as you do.

Another advantage of carbon fiber is that it is naturally RFID Blocking. By using the conductive properties of carbon fiber, Common Fibers wallets provide RFID protection against the most commonly used credit card frequencies. The woven carbon fiber creates a “Faraday Cage” that prevents RFID scanners from reading the contents of your wallet without your knowledge. As a result, you don’t need to change your routine, or add extra bulk like you would with other wallets to get the same protection.

Carbon fiber wallets are also very lightweight, weighing as little as 0.7oz – 4.7oz. This means even before you add your cards, you’re carrying some of the lightest material around.

There Are Other Carbon Fiber Wallets. Why Common Fibers?

We started Common Fibers by offering the first carbon fiber wallet on the market back in 2013, and have since evolved into a full fabrication facility with 150 different product SKU’s (and counting) selling worldwide. We have 20+ years of composites experience, only use aerospace grade carbon fiber, make entire cars out of it, and back it up by teaching others how to do it. Simply put, we are the industry experts, and provide the best customer experiences. Not all carbon fiber is made equal (or it may not be real), nor do others have the knowledge, facilities, or quality control to get it right. All of our wallets are proudly made in Seattle, WA.

What Carbon Fiber Wallet Styles Are There?

Carbon fiber wallets come in many weaves, colors, interiors, and designs to match anyone’s sense of style and daily carrying needs.

The main weave carbon fiber comes in is called Twill, and is available in gloss or matte finishes. Twill is used for some of the most popular high performance applications and is very recognizable in a diagonal pattern. As a gloss finish, carbon fiber is very reflective and shows amazing depth you can’t get with other materials. As a matte finish, carbon fiber is non-reflective and more subtle.

Since carbon fiber can be woven, designer weave patterns can be created. Honeycomb patterns (HEX), track patterns (Roswell), or checkerboard patterns (Checkered), are just a few designer weaves Common Fibers offers in addition to Twill, each with their own unique appearance.

Carbon fiber is naturally black and can’t be dyed. In the instances where a colored weave is used, carbon fiber is woven with a colored material such as fiberglass, mylar, or kevlar, to create a hybrid fabric. Common Fibers’ Reflections weaves utilize mylar to create red, orange, gold, blue, green, purple, and silver carbon fiber wallets – great for those who want more distinctive and luxurious looks.

Track carbon fiber pattern weave and reflections carbon fiber pattern weave

In terms of interiors, Common Fibers pairs carbon fiber with ripstop nylon fabric, top grain leather, or suede leather, for their unmatched durability.

Common Fibers ripstop nylon interior colors

Common Fibers leather interior shot on table

Wallet Designs

The MAX - Bifold Wallet:

Common Fibers carbon fiber bifold wallet on table

A classic through and through, the MAX stays slim, functional, and extremely durable. At 1.7oz, it gives you the ability to take anywhere. MAX's come with cash storage for all your bills, two hidden pockets, and can hold 8 cards comfortably. A new version was recently released that gives you a dedicated ID slot as well. They are made with all the weaves, colors, and interiors, so custom options are endless.

View theMAX 3.0orMAXcarrying guide

Shop theMAX 3.0orMAX(with ripstop nylon)

Shop the LMX (with leather)

Shop the Reflections MAX (with colored weaves)

The SLM - Minimalist Wallet:

Common Fibers Carbon Fiber SLM Minimalist Wallet

Made just for what you need the most, the SLM is perfect for the lightweight traveler. At 1.2oz, the sleek design takes up the smallest footprint possible while giving you storage for your essentials and protection in an incredibly thin silhouette. SLM's come with a pocket for folded cash storage, a dedicated ID slot, and can hold 3 cards comfortably. They are also customizable and made with most of the weaves, and all the colors and interiors.

View the SLM carrying guide

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Shop the Reflections SLM (with colored weaves)

The SLM Slider - Card Slider Wallet:

Common Fibers carbon fiber card slider wallet with cards fanned out

A slim wallet for all your cards, the SLM Slider is loaded with storage. At 2.3oz, it stays light and in a slick minimal frame even at full capacity. SLM Slider's come with an aluminum card protector that slide and fan seven cards out for easy access, a pocket for folded cash storage, a dedicated ID slot, and the ability to hold up to 10 cards overall. They are only made with ripstop nylon interiors and are available in black.

View the SLM Slider carrying guide

Shop the SLM Slider (with ripstop nylon)

The FIT - Money Clip Wallet:

Common Fibers carbon fiber FIT money clip wallet in use

For those who carry cash and know how to pack lightly, the FIT is your perfect companion. At 0.7oz, it’s the lightest and more versatile wallet there is. It’s really three wallets in one: A standalone carbon fiber money clip that can hold up to 30 bills, an ultra thin card sleeve that holds 2 essential cards, or a combination of the two that is easy to use in a unique modular design. They are made with most of the weaves and colors, and only available with ripstop nylon interiors.

View the FIT carrying guide

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Shop the Reflections FIT (with colored weaves)

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The BIZ - Business Card Holder:

Common Fibers carbon fiber business card holder outdoors

Making the right impression was never easier than with the Business Card Holder. At 1.1oz, the BIZ feels like a feather as it holds all your contact info without an uncomfortable ridge in your pocket. BIZ's allow you to store 20+ cards comfortably and come with a quick access card slot which gives you the ability to slide cards out without opening it up. No more searching your pockets for exactly what you need at the right time. They are made only with ripstop nylon interiors and come in a variety of colors.

View the BIZ carrying guide

Shop the BIZ (with Twill weave)

Shop the Reflections BIZ (with colored weaves)