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November 24, 2020 4 min read

Are you looking for gifts for the auto enthusiast in your life, but don't know where to start? Luckily for you, the team at Common Fibers is obsessed with cars. We manufacture parts,make full car builds, and design customcarbon fiber gifts for our auto community. Our lifestyle products are made with the same carbon fiber we use for our car parts (which we think is pretty cool) and we hold them to the same standards as any build we do on the shop floor.

Why carbon fiber? Car enthusiasts love the attention to detail and subtle design choices that make driving an experience.Products made with carbon fiber have a high strength to weight ratio and are incredibly versatile. They doesn’t fatigue easily, they're flexible and they withstand extreme temperatures, all without losing form or function. We love that ourcarbon fiber products can take the punishment and look great while doing it.

Carbon fiber is instantly recognizable to any auto enthusiast, making it a great gift or stocking stuffer. We've curated a list of our favorite carbon fiber products to help you find the perfect gift for you loved one this year!

The Carbon Fiber Wallet

Of course we'll start here. The carbon fiber wallet is the most well known carbon fiber gift and for good reason - wallets are the number one accessory people carry with them other than keys. As a daily essential, carbon fiber wallets have all the aforementioned properties that make it a material of choice for automotive companies and gearheads alike. They keep you minimal, don’t add any unnecessary weight to your carry, and above all they keep your sensitive information save thanks to it’snatural RFID Blocking capabilities. Plus, with numerous interior and weave colors, your car enthusiast can match their wallet to their car of choice. What other product gives them that level of customization besides their cars themselves?

Here are four of our favorites, and they're allUSA made:

1)The MAX 3.0 Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet

Features a durable ripstop nylon interior, a dedicated ID pocket, cash bifold storage, and the ability to hold 6 cards.See the carry guide.

MAX 3.0 Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet with ID Slot

MAX 3.0 Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Bifold Wallet with ID in use

2)The LMX Carbon Fiber Leather Bifold Wallet

Features genuine suede or waxy leather interiors in multiple colors, as well as cash bifold storage and the ability to hold up to 8 cards.See the carry guide.

Common Fibers LMX Carbon Fiber Leather Bifold Wallet
Common Fibers LMX Carbon Fiber Leather Bifold Wallet with Car Background

3)The SLM Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Features a durable ripstop nylon interior, a dedicated ID pocket, and a slim profile that allows you to carry your essential 3 cards.See the carry guide.

Common Fibers SLM Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet in Use

4)The SLM Slider Carbon Fiber Card Slider Wallet

Features a strong aluminum card slider that fans up to 7 cards at ease, in addition to a dedicated ID pocket and small folded bill storage.See the carry guide.

Common Fibers SLM Slider Carbon Fiber Wallet with Card Slider

Common Fibers SLM Slider Carbon Fiber Wallet with I.D in Use

The Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

Car enthusiasts are able to get many unique parts made for their vehicles, but how often do you still see the dealership made plastic license plate frame on the car? We're willing to bet it's very often. Most car enthusiasts don't know there are custom license plate frame options to more fit their style. This is especially true for those that want something to match the other accessories and parts they install. Carbon fiber license plate frames are made to fit standard size legal plates for all major cars and trucks, and with top of the line automotive clear coats, are built to withstand all types of weather conditions. They're available as singles or pairs, and have gloss and matte finishes.

Common Fibers Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

The Carbon Fiber Coaster Set

Frequently car enthusiasts want to bring their cars with them wherever they go, and the best gifts usually come in subtle ways. Carbon fiber coaster sets aren't in your face, yet they add the perfect complimentary touch to a dining or living room, where you and your friends gather around for a nice cold one.The anti-slip foam base keeps your drink exactly where it needs to be, so it works for you to prevent accidental spills.All carbon fiber coaster sets come in a set of 4 and can include a carbon fiber base for easy and convenient storage.

Common Fibers forged carbon fiber coaster set

The Carbon Fiber Luggage Tag

It's no secret that car enthusiasts love to travel. One of the main questions that pops up for any frequent flyer is how to identify their luggage in a crowd. Carbon fiber luggage tags add yet another subtle gift to your favorite car lover's life with a stand out tag that represents their lifestyle. All luggage tags are strong and durable, with screen prints that don't wear despite their rough usage. Now your car lover can travel like a carbon fiber expert.

Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Luggage Tags

The Carbon Fiber Credit Card Bottle Opener

We started with a wallet, and now we'll end with a wallet accessory. The carbon fiber credit card bottle opener is light, easy to carry, and always with you wherever you go. Since it's the size of a credit card, it is made specifically to fit in the pocket of your car lover's wallet. Their curved design encourages a more natural hand position when in use, and is strong enough to open even the toughest bottle caps. This ultra convenient bottle opener is sure to be a gift that keeps on giving.

Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener Credit Card Sized